-Corban, Chicago. I'm a thrifting junkie, I love outdoor activities, I want to adventure everywhere, ex military, sterile processing tech and entrepreneur. My dog and cats are how I spend my days. I won't stop tattooing my body until I no longer have room. I could Hookah till I die. I'd sell my soul to the sea, without hesitation. Music keeps me sane. Oh, I'm gay.. All the more reason to follow me.


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It may not have been tonight, it may not be tomorrow but my life is about to change forever.

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Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine.

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lets play a game called ‘i feel like i’m bothering you with everything i say so i won’t make any attempts at contact until you message me first’


Come on Eileen

Oh, I swear what he means

At this moment you mean everything

You in that dress

My thoughts I confess

Verge on dirty

Oh, come on Eileen…

Our song.